Biking/hiking around the Hortus

Cycling and walking around the Hortus

The Hortus Bulborum is also excellent to visit by bicycle. In Kennemerland there are numerous beautiful bicycle routes.Our museum garden is located approx. 100 mtr. Removed from Junction Sign No. 18. From here you can create your own bike route using the famous ANWB junctions.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a number of routes for you. Of course, you can make this trip larger or smaller at will.

You can view, download or print the route “across Kennemerland here.

Also from Lia Vriend. You will find a nicely described walking route around the Hortus.

The route "Around the Hortus"

Lia Vriend†'s booklet through the Primal IJ.

You will find here some 3 routes around Limmen. The landscape is described in a historical manner