Sponsor a historic flower bulb

Another way to support the work of the Hortus Bulborum is to sponsor a tulip (or other bulbous plant). Meanwhile, some 100 varieties – mainly tulips – have temporary sponsors. However, there are still crops to be had. If you sponsor a tulip, a sign with your private or company name will be placed with your “bulb nurse child” during the sponsorship period.

The cost is 70 euros per year. You enter into a sponsorship agreement for a minimum of three years. Sponsor parents also have free access to the garden with two people throughout the season. Last year, several tulips were again sponsored such as ‘Clusiana’ (1803), ‘Insulinde’ (1916) and ‘Keukenhof’ (1952). Classics like “Duc of Tol Red and Yellow” (1595) and “Summer Beauty” (1620) are already forgiven. To thank you for your sponsorship, we are happy to place a red sponsor sign with your name and hometown near the bulb crop of your choice. This sign is placed near the green information sign about the species. Are you also becoming a sponsor parent?