Visitor’s information

Under this headline you find all kinds of practical information on the Hortus Bulborum. Beside visiting hours and entry prices you find information about tours and the facilities which you find in the museum garden. The Hortus Bulborum is nowadays more than only a variegated mixture of particular bulb fields which looks like a multicoloured flower carpet.

Tips for nice day off:

You can combine your visit to the Hortus Bulborum with one of the touristic attractions mentioned below which make your stay in Limmen and surroundings to an unforgettable day.

We give you a number of tips of touristic or informative peaks around the Hortus Bulborum.

The former tip lies most close the Hortus Bulborum. At the remaining tips we mention Bulborum between brackets the distance in kilometres as from the Hortus.

The Museum triangle.The Hortus Bulborum lies in Limmen within the museum triangle. These are 3 museums within walking distances. Beside the Hortus Bulborum the PKN church is to be visited. This is a monument dating of 744. The verger Mr Dik Denekamp (phone. 072-5052871) can tell you in an informative and humoristic manner whatever has passed here in former times. With in between a delicious lunch in our house you can make a nice combination of Hortus Bulborum and the PKN church.

The foundation “Old Limmen”.

In April 2016, the Foundation Oud Limmen settled the project “flower bulb museum” in a dignified way.

After years of haggling with all kinds of authorities, after a rigorous renovation a beautiful space became available. In this space you see the glorious past of the flower bulb cultivation and trade from our village.

Many objects are well preserved and the exhibition gives you a wonderful image about Limmen in previous centuries.

Request for guided tours: 06-4429996. During the opening of the Hortus Bulborum the museum has limited opening hours.

The abbey of Egmond. (6 km)

Here you can be led about throug the splendid abbey. The important building you already can see it standing from far away. You are taken along through the rich history of the fathers Benedictines. You visit a splendid shop filled with religious articles, and you can have a look in the candle factory. Here you can also visit a mausoleum of earl Floris who was the first earl of Holland. Besides you can have lunch here, or coffee with delicious abbey cake. (tel 072-5062786)

A visit to the beach and the dunes in Bakkum (municipality Castricum 4 km)

Here can you walk to your hearts content on the beach or cycle through the splendid dunes. The catering facilities Johanna’s Hoeve at the entrance of PWN pearl “de Hoep” (, or the beach tents “Zeezicht” of “Deining” lend themselves pre-eminently for a delicious lunch and/or diner or simply a cup coffee. Or you just cycle up to Egmond aan Zee, where the shops are open all days per week and where it is always sociably busy.

Alkmaar and the cheese market (8 km)

A visit to our Hortus Bulborum is of course excellent to combine with a visit to the historical city of Alkmaar and on Friday to the cheese market ( On Friday morning sociably to the cheese market then just as have lunch on the always sociable Waagplein, hereafter at noon to Limmen for a visit to the Hortus Bulborum. More Dutch is almost not possible.Iin the morning cheese and at noon flower bulbs.

Schermer mills (12 km)

Here can look how in former times the polder the Schermer has been reclaimed by an ingenious system of a large number of mills invented by Ir. Leeghwater. A visit to the Schermermolens ( demands approximately 1-1,5 hour of you time and is therefore nicely to combine with a visit to the Hortus Bulborum.

Graft and De Rijp (20 km)

2 Historical villages from the time of the whaling. Historical pearls in the middle of Noord Holland. Here are lots to do and visit and thereby also well to combine with a visit to the Hortus do Bulborum. ( )

Broekerveiling in Broek op Langedijk (22 km)

Here you get acquainted with kingdom of 1000 islands of the Langedijk and surroundings. You can be led about here, you make a tour by boat and you can participate with selling by auction by means of the bell of vegetables which are grown here still. The Langedijker cabbages are world-famous. ( Further information also by means of phone. 0226-31807

Other activities

Beer brewery Dampegeest in Limmen

Wandering through historical Egmond

Eating and Going out in Alkmaar

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