Bicycling around the Hortus

The Hortus Bulborum also is easily to visit by bicycle. In Kennemerland there are many splendid bicycle routes.

Our museum garden lies approx. 100 metres distance from “Knooppuntenbord” no. 18.

From here you can compose your own bicycle route by means of the well-known ANWB “knooppunten”.

To simplify it for you we composed for you a route. Of course you can make this route as you please longer or shorter.

In order to facilitate for you, we have compiled a number of routes for you. Of course you can increase or decrease the size of this trip at your choice.

You can look at the route “through Kennemerland here, download or print.

 The route “Around the Hortus” can be viewed here, download or print.

New this year is the booklet of Lia Vriend† by Oer IJ.  Here you will find three routes around Limmen. The landscape is described in a historical way.