Our 1920s-style bulb barn has gradually evolved into the meeting place of the Hortus Bulborum. It includes a small information centre. One popular feature is a large photo wall with photographs of much of the multifaceted bulb collection in 2-D. The photo wall not only attracts attention on days without sunny spells, it also gives the visitor a convenient way to compare the different cultivars within each bulb group. In addition, several glass display cases show small artefacts related to the bulb trade, old and antique books and opulently illustrated catalogues from a hundred years ago, as well as historic tulip and hyacinth vases.


The reading table in the bulb shed is very popular. Along with a wide array of magazines there are many documents, press clippings from local, national and international media on display. In the recently established multimedia corner visitors may – on request – view one of the many video clips about the Hortus Bulborum, the tulip and other bulbs. There is also a little sale corner with summer-blooming bulbs for spring planting. Books and post cards are available in the entrance cottage at the gates to the Hortus.

Gossip Corner

Instead of a museum coffee-shop, the Hortus Bulborum has a ‘gossip corner’ in the bulb barn, named after a place where people meet and indulge in the talk of the village. In this corner visitors can exchange experiences, have a chat, or just take a break while having a warming cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.