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Planting flower bulbs 2014

Under ideal circumstances our large collection flower bulbs is planted by men called Cees and Madzek of the testing-garden Zwaagdijk is planted.  All this supervised by Piet Zomerdijk. These activities take approx. 9 days. Finally all cultivars are covered with a comfortable thin layer of straw to face the winter.







Summmer 2014

Tulip bulbs ready for sending.

 Frances Puthaar and Johan Kerssens fussy to pack and count.

Anton Nijssen ensures very precise sale, the administration and the daily control in the barn.

 The well-known growers of fritillaria’s, the brothers Jan and Lieuwe Smit from Enkhuizen, are fussy with carefully selecting and sorting our emperor crowns.

rooien hortus

After 3 years is it up to that point the narcissuses need to be lifted out of the ground.  A heavy job because the bulbs in such a period have built a firm constitution of carrots.

You see here: in front:  Theo Berbee, than from left to right:  Sjaak van der Ploeg, Flip van Stipriaan, Dielof Hollander and Theo Putker. On the next row you see: Arie van Lierop, Bram Dorsman and Ton van Zanten. Not visible,  but present: Piet van Zanten, Piet Zomerdijk  and Gerard Veldt.


The job is almost done and all bulbs lie neatly separated by our tables. With precise working we prevent mixing of the varieties. Now we need a couple of days for nicely drying, then everything can be stirred once again and after 3 days be put in small pockets.


In Zwaagdijk all our tulips are waiting in wire netting trays for being processed.

The ladies of the test centre Zwaagdijk are fussy to peel and count very precisely our lots (2700 pieces).


Summer 2013: Digging up

To dig up: Time for smoking.

Rooiploeg Hortus

In the summer all bulbs are dug up. Here you see the shift of diggers (average age 72 years) with the hand trowel (a type shovel with two handles) and the back bent obtain the balls from the ground.


Autumn 2013: Planting

Cees and Luit of the Proeftuin Zwaagdijk (a research institute) scatters the balls very precise into the buckets of the planting machine. Gerard Glorie† watches it precise.

Bestellingen Hortus

Leo Pennings and Gerard Glorie† are busy preparing all orders of our bulbs.